The Season of Laughter

Hey guys!

I hope everyone is having a great Thursday. Since I turned 23 last month, I’ve been thinking a lot about my current season, what I want to gain from this season, what God has in store for me and what I want to give to others in this season. After some time reflecting, the season of laughter came to mind. Laughter sounds so simple but it has significant effects such as reducing blood pressure and burning calories.

Through my current season, I have realized how important it is to laugh, and how laughter can be a gift to others. Some of the best memories I’ve had, included laughter and it’s a beautiful thing for your laughter to cause someone to laugh as well. Life is hard, stressful, uncertain, fast-paced and complex. There will be moments where it is hard to laugh, much less smile, but it’s in those moments where you need a healthy way to release stress.

Life can cause us to become so serious that we neglect to truly take care of ourselves. How can we truly take care of others, if we neglect our own selves? It might sound silly, but I encourage you to spend more time laughing, it has certainly helped me to not stress over obstacles life throws your way. However, it is important to take the necessary actions when obstacles come your way, but don’t let those obstacles to take over your mind.

Laughter is a great way to practice self-care as I’m learning that self-care is not limited to physical things, it’s a mind-set. In a world that demands so much from us, let’s remember to take care of ourselves first. Our mental, emotional, physical and spiritual health are essential components of our being that need to be taken care of. We can not give our best to helping others if we aren’t making ourselves a priority.

Let’s choose to be intentional in taking care of ourselves and make an effort to laugh more. Laughing won’t solve our problems, but maintaining a positive state of mind in the midst of hardships makes a big difference. So, cheers to a season of laughter and to taking our current season one day at a time♥.

What are some of y’alls favorite moments filled with laughter? What is your reason for laughing? Let me know in the comments♥.

As always Stay Blessed,


“The person who can bring the spirit of laughter into a room is indeed blessed.” – Bennett Cerf

“I try to find a reason to laugh each day. Somehow, if you can incorporate laughter into your day, every day, it really helps. It’s the little things in life that make me happy.” Faith Hill


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