Summer Wedding Season

Hey guys!

I hope everyone is having a wonderful Sunday so far. I wanted to try something different for a blog post and got inspired to make this post by a representative from the fashion company Bonobos. Bonobos specializes in fashion wear for men ranging from golf wear to tops, which is different but pretty cool.

I know that in the Summer season it’s hard to know what to wear to special occasions like a wedding. On top of that, when bringing a date to a wedding, color coordinating becomes important. I wanted to share with you some suggestions that would work for a Summer wedding. So without further ado, let’s get started♥.

For ladies, I chose to go with a simple but elegant number♥

*Items curated on Polyvore

As you can tell from what I chose, I am a big fan of jumpsuits and the halter style. Soft peach and blush tones scream summer to me. Chunky brown open-toed heels paired with a leather brown clutch blends adds a nice contrast to the outfit. Finally, I chose delicate light pink studs to go with the outfit for a feminine touch. I tried not to make the whole outfit to matchy, matchy and for make-up neutral tones like different shades of brown would look so beautiful together.

For men, I chose a simple but sophisticated number♥

*Items curated on Polyvore

There’s something so simple and stylish about a blue collared button downed paired with khaki fitted slacks. I added a navy blue bow tie and a brown leather watch for some flair. Lastly, the addition of brown leather derby shoes really brings the look together.

I hope these suggestions were helpful for anyone who is struggling to find out what to wear for a Summer wedding or for any special occasion. I haven’t used Polyvore before so this was definitely a new experience for me. I can see why people use Polyvore, the site makes everything easily accessible.

Have y’all used Polyvore before? Have y’all heard of Bonobos before? If so, what were your thoughts on Polyvore or Bonobos? Let me know in the comments♥


10 Replies to “Summer Wedding Season”

  1. Polyvore is such a fun website!! And this is a great idea for a post:) xx I love the colors you chose for the woman’s outfit, and the men’s watch goes so well with your clothing choice for men! ❤

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