Uncommon Goods

Hey guys!

Today I wanted to share with you a non-profit organization called Uncommon Goods.  Uncommon Goods strives to change the way business is done by making sustainability a part of every decision we make. They steadily work to make Uncommon Goods more environmentally friendly, socially responsible and an ever-more rewarding place to work. Something that I found remarkable about Uncommon Goods was that they offer handmade, recycled and organic products to their consumers. They also commit to selling products that do no harm to humans or animals.

Uncommon Goods also created The Better to Give Program in 2001, which allows you to select a non-profit organization to receive a $1 donation from Uncommon Goods at checkout. They are also a founding member of B Corporation, an organization created to help customers understand the social and environmental impact of their purchases. The B seal means that a company has met the standards outlined in a comprehensive screening questionnaire, which evaluates a company on issues ranging from providing a living wage, to lessening their impact on the environment, to giving back to the community.

I have yet to purchase a product from Uncommon Goods but I definitely plan to in the near future. Their products are unique, help the environment and stylish. One of the products that caught my eye was the “Letters to My Baby” gift. Maybe it’s the sentimentalist in me but I believe this a beautiful memorable gift to cherish as a mother. I wish I’d known about this website, when I attended my friend’s baby shower last fall. However, it’s not too late to pick up a gift for my friend’s baby. Check out these fun, unique baby shower gifts here.

Another present that I loved, was one that was found in Uncommon Good’s bridal shower section. I love the indigo shade of the fringe kimono, as well as the stylish print. I really appreciate that the price is affordable as well. Kimono’s are so versatile and practical, what more could you ask for in a fashion staple? Apart from the kimono, there are a myriad of gifts that the bride to be will love.

In addition to the kimono, I came across a beautiful wooden personalized Venn diagram cutting board in the Personalized Wedding Gifts section. I’m nowhere near getting married but I do love to browse for wedding ideas on Pinterest or for loved ones who may be getting married soon. I love practical wooden gifts and this personalized cutting board is no exception. I love to cook in my spare time and I could easily envision this as something that would get a lot of use.

*Though I am sponsored by Uncommon Goods, all thoughts are my own. None of the links listed are affiliate links.

Have you guys heard of Uncommon Goods? If so, what are some of your favorite products from them? If not, would you purchase something from them? Let me know in the comments♥.

-Stay Blessed ya’ll



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