Globe In Club

Hey guys!

Tonight I wanted to share with you what I received in my Globe In Club subscription. First, I will give you a little background information about Globe In Club. Globe In Club is a fairly new subscription box that is $13/month (including shipping and handling). They send you one hand-made piece made by an artisan around the world. What’s really cool is they usually include a picture of the artisan as well as a biography about the person as well.

For the month of June I received a greyish hand-made headband from my native country Ghana. My headband was made in Ghana by a lovely woman nicknamed “Mama Christie”, who works for a socially responsible fashion line named Della. This socially responsible fashion line is based in Hohoe, Ghana, where employees receive a steady, fair income as well as educational opportunities.

I love that Globe In Club is intentional about incorporating fair-trade companies into their subscription box. It was a pleasant surprise to learn that this beautiful headband was made by one of my own. I highly recommend this subscription box for unique pieces that benefit others.

I have since stopped my subscription to Globe In Club due to my efforts to be more minimalistic. Have you guys ever tried Globe In Club? If so, what were your thoughts? If not, would you be open to trying out Globe In? Let me know in the comments♥

-Stay Blessed y’all



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