My Favorite Apps

Hey guys!

Tonight, I wanted to share with you some of my favorite applications on my Iphone. I was inspired by Jenny, you guys should definitely check out her blog. She is a lifestyle blogger who discusses a little of everything (beauty,travel, inspiration,food etc.) I narrowed down my favorite application to eleven, so without further ado let’s begin♥.

1.) Spotify – I haven’t upgraded to Spotify Premium yet but Spotify is my go-to place to listen to music whether on the road, cleaning my room, cooking, studying or simply relaxing. One of the best parts is that it’s totally free and they have so many artists on there. 


2.) Weather App- I usually check this app before leaving my place because Texas weather is unpredictable and it gives me a better idea of what to wear. Sometimes the accuracy isn’t the best but nevertheless it’s usually helpful to me. 


3.) YouVersion Bible App- I love this app, it’s a great way to meditate on scripture for the day, memorize scripture and apply it to your daily life. It also provides me with encouragement for those days when I’m feeling anxious or sad. 


4.) Pinterest- Who doesn’t love Pinterest? I’ve gotten a lot of inspiration from Pinterest, whether for D.I.Y. Ideas,decorating my place in general, style, practicing hand lettering, cooking/baking a new dish or finding tips on taking care of my natural hair. Pinterest has been a great tool to find/ follow groups that think similarly to me. 


5.) Share The Meal- This app is affiliated with the World Food Programme. They do amazing work and I love that this app makes it so easy to give back to those in need. You can donate as much as you want, starting at just .50 cents. They have monthly plans that you can do or you can donate whenever you want to. I put my bank account information in the system so whenever I want to donate something I just press how much I want to donate and I am good to go. 

share the meal

6.) Camera- One of the basic apps on any phone but a necessity in my eyes. The Iphone camera quality is decent but I look forward to purchasing a professional camera in the future. I usually end up taking pictures of cute decor, flat lays/ products for the blog, nature, selfies, drinks and food. 


7.) Instagram- This is probably my most used social media account. I know I definitely need to cut back on being here so much but I usually get caught up in looking at other people’s stories, pictures, places they’ve been and uploading pictures myself. Instagram is a great place to connect with other people as well, which I appreciate.


8.) Yelp- The love I have for this app, is so serious. I have discovered some charming and scenic places courtesy of Yelp. I have bookmarked so many places that I want to try and it’s honestly just so convenient to have. The only thing that I don’t like about Yelp is that some places are closed but will still say they are open or the hours will be a different time then stated on Yelp. *Side Note*- I really like that you can become a YELP Elite, which basically gives you access to various private events where there will be food, drinks and entertainment. I’m yet to attend one, but I plan to in the near future.


9.) Influenster- If you’ve followed my blog for a while then you’ve heard me mention Influenster. I love this app, it’s so convenient to use. Influenster is a company that gives free travel-size to full-size products. All you have to do is put in basic information like your address, age, location and link social media accounts if you have any. They will ask you about your preferences, hair color, skin color, etc. So that way they can find products that will be a good fit for you. You don’t have to have a lot of followers or social media honestly to be an Influenster. Though social media followers does help you qualify for VoxBoxes sooner and better ones as well. In addition, reviewing products on their app and answering snaps (quizzes) that they send you increases your chances to qualify for a voxbox . I will be doing an unboxing soon on a voxbox I just received in a couple of days, so stay tuned♥.


10.) Bank of America- Good ol’ Bank of America, I love the convenience of being able to check my bank account balance when I am running errands or not at home. The customer service is good too, which is always a plus.

bank of america

11.) Chase App- Chase truly takes care of you in terms of security protection. They go above and beyond and again I love the convenience of being able to check my account when I am not at home. I would say in terms of preference, I like Chase better than Bank of America but they are both great banks.


Well guys, that concludes all my favorite apps. Do you see any apps that you have used and like? If not, what apps do you guys use? Let me know in the comments♥.

P.S. *If you guys have any questions for me let me know in the comments. I am thinking of doing a Q&A in a couple of weeks, if I get enough questions.

*Pictures Courtesy of Google





24 Replies to “My Favorite Apps”

  1. Instagram is my favorite app and social media site! My time gets devoured, and I need to cut back as well, ahaha… like you said, I love to connect with new people. I’ve discovered new interests from IG too. :’D I’m going to follow you! ❤

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  2. Have you tried yummly? Great for collecting and finding recipes. I don’t know what I would do without banking apps now, changed my life! I agree about instagram and Pinterest, they are dangerous. You go on there looking for one thing and 2 hours later you’re still there!!!

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  3. I think I use most of the apps that you mention. Obviously Instagram, the weather app, and a few others. We actually got a chance to visit the Pinterest headquarters last week in San Francisco and it was so awesome! I love using their app too. And I just downloaded the Bible app as well because as much as I would love to take time to go over the Bible, I think this app would be great to consume it in bite size pieces and relate to my daily life.

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