Spring Goals Recap

Hey guys!

I hope everyone’s day is going well. In less than a week, it will be official start of summer. Though if you live in the south, you already know that summer weather has been in full force since May. I wanted to share how I did for my Spring Goals. I also recently did a Summer Bucket List as well. So without further ado let’s get started♥.

These were my Spring Goals:

-Spend more time outdoors enjoying nature.

I did spend more time outdoors, which gave me more of an appreciation for the beauty that is nature. There are so many activities to do under the sun and I love that. One of my favorite activities is to hike and to explore botanical gardens.

-Read 1-3 books a month

I slacked a bit when it came to this but I am currently reading The Lovely Bones and then Milk and Honey by Rupi Kaur

-Try something new a couple of times a month

A couple of weeks ago I went kayaking for the first time and it was quite the experience. I would definitely want to go back again. I attended a festival with my friend and rode the Ferris wheel, which is quite a step considering I have a fear of heights. My friend helped me out by talking to me throughout the whole ride, the Ferris wheel ended up not being bad at all. The view was lovely as well. I also explored restaurants that I discovered on Yelp and tried food I had never had before, took a painting class and explored more of neighboring cities.

-Stick to a blogging schedule

This is something that I still need to do, I usually blog whenever I feel the need to discuss something but I need to get better at staying consistent when blogging. This is what I need to figure out this summer and it will be so helpful in the long run.

-Continue to eat healthier and to exercise several times a week

As for eating healthier, I am cooking more and trying to eat salad a couple of times a week, so that’s progress. I am planning to continue to make healthier recipes from Pinterest. I recently made street style tacos and they turned out pretty good, so I will be making similar dishes with healthier ingredients. As for exercising, I have been severely slacking but I recently signed up for Camp Gladiator which might be just what I need to stay dedicated to exercising a couple of times a week.

-Change the layout of The Fallible Queen

I am currently making changes to the layout as well as working on re-designing on The Fallible Queen, so this will be something that I will work more in-depth on this summer.

-Find ways to serve others through volunteering or spreading kindness

I know there is improvement needed in this area. I have spread kindness through lending a listening ear, buying cards, writing letters and personalizing gifts for others. However, I’m looking forward to volunteering this summer, it has been awhile.

-Try out recipes for Spring

I’ve tried a couple of different recipes with chicken but I am looking forward this summer to trying new dishes like Asian food.

Well that concludes my spring goals recap. If you like reading content like this, check out my Winter Goals post and My Autumn post. What are some of y’alls goals for Summer? Did you have any goals similar to mine for spring? Let me know in the comments♥.

P.S. I’m thinking of doing a Q&A in a couple of weeks, so if you guys have any questions for me, feel free to leave them in the comments or send me an e-mail: blessing.d.boamah@gmail.com. Thanks for reading, I truly appreciate it.

-Have a beautiful day & Stay Blessed y’all



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