Pure Flix

Hey guys!

I hope your day is going well so far. Today I wanted to discuss a family friendly, Christian entertainment company called Pure Flix. Pure Flix strives to offer clean entertainment for the whole family. They offer a free monthly trial, if you are interested the link is here.  Pure Flix can be played on numerous devices, like a laptop, tablet or television set. Pure Flix is a great option if you want to have a movie night with your bible study group, with a group of close girlfriends or  simply want to unwind after a hard day at work.

Movie nights are something that I always look forward too. It’s a chance to gather with friends and enjoy entertainment for a couple of hours. However, you can’t forget yummy snacks when watching a movie. My friends and I usually have buttery popcorn or sweet kettle corn with water or juice. In addition, we usually have cookies as well or something relatively sweet. Then we settle in to watch the movie and try to keep talking to a minimum.

After the movie, we spend time discussing our thoughts on the movie. This usually leads to deeper conversations about life and subtle signs hidden within the movie. Along with the deeper conversations, we catch up on each others lives and discuss a time or times where we can gather again.

When watching a movie, one of my favorite genres are faith-based movies intertwined with romance. This would lead me to choose my all-time favorite movie, A Walk to Remember with Mandy Moore and Shane West.  Another movie I would watch is I’m Not Ashamed with Sadie Roberston. Movies that are faith-based really inspire me to be better and continue to serve others in the places where God leads me. There are numerous movies to choose from on Pure Flix, movies that are filled with hope, courage, inspiration, faith and love.

Let me know in the comments if you guys have used Pure Flix before. If so, what were your thoughts on using Pure Flix? If you haven’t tried Pure Flix, would you be interested in trying it out? Lastly, what movies do you like to watch by yourself or with friends for movie night? ♥

Picture: Courtesy of Google.com 

*Special thanks to Pure Flix for reaching out to me

-Stay Blessed y’all



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  1. This is so cool! These days I barely watch TV cause there’s just so much ridiculousness being shown. So I find myself browsing clean shows I enjoy on YouTube or movie sites. This should be helpful. Thank you!

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