Spring Goals

Hey guys! I hope everyone is enjoying the spring season so far. Apart from the pollen and allergies, I love Spring. The flowers are in bloom, the weather is beautiful, the spring colors are always lovely and there are so many artsy events to attend, like festivals. I love the spring fashion, celebrating my favorite holiday Easter, celebrating birthdays and spending more time outdoors♥.

Months ago I did a Winter Goals post and I would love to  share with you guys what I accomplished, as well as what I still need to do. I did plan a blogging schedule but didn’t stick to it. I have continued to eat healthier and cooked some winter recipes. I didn’t join a gym as it was a bit pricey so I opted to exercise at my local park, which has been working out great.

I managed to read 2-3 books for the first two months but haven’t done that for March. However, I still have six days so I will finish a book by the end of March. I have done some volunteering but haven’t chosen a non-profit to volunteer at.I did change the design of The Fallible Queen but I am looking for a more permanent design that I love. Lastly, I have been good at trying new things a couple of times a month. I will post about these adventures throughout the upcoming weeks.

Now that you guys are all caught up on how my Winter Goals went and why I love Spring, I will jump into my goals for Spring♥.

Spring Goals

-Spend more time outdoors enjoying nature.

-Read 1-3 books a month

-Try something new a couple of times a month

-Stick to a blogging schedule

-Continue to eat healthier and to exercise several times a week

-Change the layout of The Fallible Queen

-Find ways to serve others through volunteering or spreading kindness

-Try out recipes for Spring

*The picture above was taken from a recent hiking trip* I love doing seasonal goals posts, they are a great way to push yourself. Just remember that not accomplishing a goal is alright, just look at as something you can work towards no matter the season you are in. What are the reasons you guys love Spring? If Spring isn’t a favorite season of yours, which season is? What are some of your goals for the Spring season? Let me know in the comments♥

-Stay Blessed y’all



14 Replies to “Spring Goals”

  1. We have super similar goals! My biggest one is definitely sticking to a blogging schedule but its so hard to justify writing blog posts when I have assignments and essays I need to write 😭
    -Naima | ThePleasantries 💕

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