Hey guys! I hope everyone had a great Friday. I wanted to talk about something that is close to my heart. There is so much importance in taking care of yourself. Today I’m going to share with you guys some tips/ ideas that you guys can practice to take care of yourself. I was inspired to do this post by  Pinterest. So without further ado, let’s get started♥) Go for a walk/ run (I try to do this every day at my local park, it’s a great way to get your steps in for the day).

  1. ) Make a vision board (I’m in the process of doing one myself,it’s a great way to explore your creative side).
  2. ) Have breakfast, lunch or dinner with a friend (I try to do this every once in a while, there is something so simple and fun about meeting up with a friend. This can honestly be done solo, sometimes I take myself out to lunch and write down my thoughts).
  3. ) Go to a local art museum or see a movie (I’ve treated myself to the movies a couple of times, it’s so simple but nice).
  4. ) Color (Adult coloring books are so entertaining, I have a couple I use).
  5. ) Go on a hike (It’s a great way to exercise that allows you to experience the beauty of nature. I try to take as many pictures as I can whenever I go)
  6. ) Have a cup of tea ( there’s something so soothing about drinking tea).
  7. ) Dress up or wear your favorite outfit (It’s nice dressing up every once in a while).
  8. ) Take a cooking class or a arts&crafts class (I haven’t done cooking but I definitely want to try one. I did a paint with a twist style class with some friends and it was a lot of fun).
  9. ) Make a scrapbook (I love scrapbooking, it’s a great way to preserve memories and explore your creative side).
  10. ) Meditate or pray (Meditation and prayer help me to de-stress, it’s so therapeutic).
  11. ) Get a massage (I haven’t done this personally but I want to try it someday soon).
  12. ) Attend an exercise class (like yoga, Pilates, zumba etc.) (I’ve taken a couple of yoga, pilates and workout classes that focus on lower body strength. The feeling after you finish is rejuvenating).
  13. ) Watch your favorite movie (My all-time favorite movie is A Walk to Remember and I can watch it whenever regardless of how many times I’ve seen it).
  14. ) Write a letter to a friend (I like doing this every once in a while, a simple letter can really brighten someone’s day. Target Dollar Spot is a great place to get cute note cards&envelopes for less than $4).
  15. ) Journal (This is one of my favorite solo activities. Spend some time writing down what you are grateful for and you’ll soon realize that you are beyond blessed. I also take time to write down my thoughts for the day, scriptures, dreams and goals).
  16. ) At Home Spa Day (Make your own body scrub or facial mask, it’s so easy and the best part is it does wonders for your face. I have a recipe for a  homemade facial mask here).
  17. ) Nap (Naps are the best and give your body a much-needed break at times).
  18. ) Listen to uplifting music (It’s important to incorporate music that motivates you and inspires you to keep going. It also helps keep things in perspective. One of my favorite christian artists to listen to is Kari Jobe).
  19. ) Treat yourself to a mani/pedi (Every once in a while it’s nice to treat yourself.  I like to get my nails done, sometimes acrylic other times a simple manicure).

Well I hope these tips/ suggestions were helpful to you guys and gave you an idea of what to do when you feel over whelmed. I didn’t add this but sometimes simply talking about what you are struggling with to a professional or a trusted friend can make a world of difference. How do you guys practice self-care? Let me know in the comments♥


16 Replies to “Wellness”

    1. Thanks girl 🙂 It’s really been helping it. Yes! I took yoga+pilates fitness classes for P.E. Credit and just to exercise. It’s a great way to work out especially if you want toned muscles :). oooh I’ll have to check that out! There’s aerial yoga which sounds really cool, you try yoga using slings!


  1. I loved these ideas. All of them are definitely important for self care. I did my first cooking class here in Italy with my boyfriend for our anniversary. We made homemade ravioli, it was so fun to start from scratch and the food tasted even better knowing exactly how you made it. Going for a walk everyday is so good for the mind, I think just being outside in general really helps uplift your spirit. And to schedule a little girl time away from home, I always try to plan at least one “networking” coffee meetup with someone in the area who I’m interested in getting to know, most of which I usually find on social media lol. Then I’ll always squeeze in a lunch or dinner with a girlfriend I want to catch up with once a week too. And exercise does wonders to take care of the mind and body.

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    1. I’m so glad these were helpful for your :). Isn’t awesome what sunlight can do to your mood? (: That sounds like a fun anniversary date! I love ravioli, I’m trying to learn more things from scratch myself. Girl time is simply one of the best times 🙂

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