February Favorites

Hey guys!

I hope everyone had a good first day of March. I can’t believe that it’s already March, time certainly flies. Tonight I’ll be sharing with you my favorites for the month of February. So without further ado, let’s get started♥

1.) Pretty Woman Nailpolish in I Can’t Deal (This is such a beautiful grey color and I’ve been wearing it for the past week or so and it’s still in good condition. I am a fan of neutral colors so this is a great addition to add to my nail polishes.)

2.) The Body Shop- Tea Tree Oil Toner (This is the first toner I’ve ever purchased and I love it. I’m a fan of tea tree oil, so it was only natural that I order this when I came across it on the body shop website. I’m only halfway through with this toner and I’ve had it for  almost half a year, so I am definitely getting my money’s worth. I did a review over this and a couple other The Body Shop products here.)


3.) Trust Fund Beauty- Gimme Good Face (This has a silicone feel on the skin but it absorbs seamlessly. The primer is so light on my face, I often forget that I am wearing any. I’m so glad that I received this in my Ipsy bag, I’ll definitely make good use of this.)


4.) Essence Make Me Brow eyebrow gel mascara (I like that it helps keep my eyebrow hairs uniformed and it helps fill in space on my eyebrows. I would prefer a darker shade if they had one but all in all, this is a decent gel mascara for a great price.)

5.) Too Faced Hangover Primer ( I love how this feels on my face, it blends in seamlessly without leaving a greasy residue. I would consider buying the full size when this runs out. It has a nice faint smell to it as well, which I like.)


6.) Choceur Dark Chocolate Superberries Pomegranate (I’ve been loving dark chocolate covered fruit lately and these were the right amount of sweet with hints of tangyness. I picked these up at my local Aldi. I also love the dark chocolate covered blueberries at Sprouts, they are delicious).


7.) Poems by Maya Angelou (Dr. Maya Angelou has such a unique and eloquent way of writing that resonates with the soul. I bought this at my local book store for a great price and I’ve been periodically reading it. Rest in Peace, Dr. Maya Angelou)

8.) The Body Shop- Moringa Hand cream (I love the scent of this lotion and it keeps my hand moisturized without the greasy feeling. The packaging is pretty cute too.)


This wraps up my February favorites. What were y’alls favorites for the month of February? Let me know in the comments♥


3 thoughts on “February Favorites

  1. I’ve always loved The Body Shop products, I’ve been using their Tea Tree Oil since I was a teen, it’s meant to be really good for your skin isn’t it?! Those dark choc berries look delish!! xx

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