February Globe In Club

Hey guys!

Today, I wanted to share with you an unboxing of a fairly new subscription I’ve been trying out.  Globe In Club has been a great subscription box so far. Globe In Club is a $10/ monthly subscription box that donates the money to support artisans in developing and third world countries. You receive one product a month with a value usually over $10. 

Another thing I love about Globe In Club is they allow you to skip a month on the subscription plan. In addition, they give you discounts on purchasing products in their shop and you can add on  products in their shop to your monthly subscription cost. Each box comes with a picture of the person and background information on who the money is supporting. Below I will show you a picture of what I received and my thoughts on the product I received.

Hand-Painted Travel Cups-$9.00 (each) These beautiful travel cups were painted by a man named Dilshad Hussain and his group of stainless steel artisans in the outskirts of  Moradabad, India. They work with an organization called Noah’s Ark that promotes and supports artisans, while investing profits in their social and economic development. 


I love that I am able to skip months in Globe In and resume whenever I please. This is my second box by them and I am pleased with this company. I appreciate them sending pictures of the artisans who made the item(s) they send me. I look forward to receiving more in the future from them. I will probably order a box every couple of months rather than make it monthly. I encourage you guys to check this brand out, it’s a great way to be exposed to artisans world-wide and support Fair Trade. At an $18 value for a $10/monthly box, I am impressed.

Have you guys tried GlobeIn Club? If not, would you be interested in trying it out? Let me know in the comments♥

-Stay Blessed y’all,



22 Replies to “February Globe In Club”

  1. I’m going to check this brand out it looks cool, thanks for the recommendation! By the way this might be a bit cheeky but could I shout you out in my next blog post, if you shout me out in yours as well? It’s just because I really want to build a audience, by the way your blog is really good.

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  2. I love this!! I’ve always loved subscription boxes but the fact that the proceeds of this particular one goes to charity and help third world countries has me definitely intrigued and would love to sign up! Also how convenient that it’s not a monthly commitment and can skip months! I’m excited, I’ll be joining for sure! 🙂

    – Jess

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  3. I have never heard of Globe In Club before, but it sounds amazing. It is always nice to hear of businesses that sell fair trade products. There is this one store nearby that I always shop at that sells fair trade products, and the associates always tell me the story behind each piece of artwork made by an artisan in a third world country. I love that all of the proceeds go to each artisan, because it really helps to make a difference. 🙂

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