Health Update

Hey guys!

I hope you all are staying warm during this winter season or if you are in a warmer climate enjoying the weather. As I mentioned in my Winter Goals, I have been working on eating healthier and being healthy. I wanted to share with you guys how it is going so far. In addition, I will share some tips I have learned along the way to help me. Let’s get started!

Discipline is key in eating healthier and being healthy. So what I do is limit how much food I eat outside, especially fast food. I use to eat fast food several times a week and now I eat fast food once or twice a month. I also cut down significantly on carbonated drinks, I mainly drink filtered water or alkaline water. I try to stay away from plastic water bottle companies like Dasani as they aren’t the best for you.

In addition to cutting down on fast food and unhealthy drinks, I use Pinterest to help me make delicious but healthy home cooked meals. I made tomato basil soup last week and it was quite delicious. Pinterest has also helped me to make delicious smoothies, my favorite one so far contains: blackberries,  bananas, frozen strawberries, 2 teaspoons of agave and 1 teaspoon of almond milk. 

Apart from Pinterest, I’ve been shopping more at my favorite health-conscious store, Sprouts. I wait till they have a sale to buy my fruits, vegetables, chicken breast, yogurt and ingredients to make my homemade almond milk. When I want something sweet I try to eat low-fat yogurt or fruit as a substitute to cookies or brownies.

Lastly, I’ve been going to the park to exercise and make sure I walk at least a mile. This helps me stay toned and contributes to being healthy. My favorite time to go is when the sunsets because the view is beautiful and the weather is slightly cooler.

I hope these tips were helpful to you guys! What do you guys do in an effort to stay healthy? What are your favorite ways to live a healthy lifestyle? Let me know in the comments♥

As always, Stay Blessed




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