Target Wellness Box

I hope everyone had a Happy New Year and spent it with friends or family. For the last couple of months I have been working on eating healthier by taking small steps such as preparing plant based almond milk to drink instead of dairy milk and replacing fast food with home cooked meals. I came across the Target Wellness Box and was intrigued by the items inside. The box is comprised of sample sized products of plant based protein pouches, drink mixes, gummies, plant based bars, probiotics and a pain relief gel.

The Wellness Box was $9.99 and usually Target Boxes are worth twice the price you pay for. This Box will fit in well with my workout regimen or for days when I want to make a healthy smoothie versus eating something unhealthy. Now that you have background information on the Target Wellness Box, let’s discuss what I got!

Vega Vitamins Drink Mix in Blackberry Currant (.2 oz) :$0.75 cents

Oatmega Vanilla Almond Crisp Bar:$1.50


Arnicare Pain Relief Gel(.5 oz): $1.62

Vega Protein+ Snack Bar in Chocolate Peanut Butter: $1.50


Hyperbiotics PRO-15 (8 Pearls)  :$3.33

Pro Bar (BASE) Protein Bar in Coffee Crunch: $1.75


Smarty Pants All-In-One Gummies (Men/Women)

Sample Packets (2 gummies each) :$0.68 cents


OLLY Nourishing Smoothie in Velvet Vanilla (1 serving) (1.5 oz) : $1.86

Navitas Naturals Cacao Powder (Maya Super food) (4 oz/113 g) :$5.50


Vega Clean Protein Drink Mix in Chocolate  (1.3 oz) :$2.40

OLLY Quick Melt Probiotic Stick in Juicy Blueberry (1 serving): $1.20


Coupon Booklet

Total Value:$22.09, that’s not bad for a $9.99 box with free shipping included. Lastly, The Wellness Box comes with a coupon booklet that expires in April. My favorite item I want to try is the Blackberry Currant Drink Mix, it sounds delicious. Have you guys tried a Target Wellness Box or a Target Box in general? If so what were your favorite products? If not, would you buy one? Let me know in the comments♥


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