My Winter Goals

As winter officially started last week, I have been bracing myself for the cold weather approaching. Thankfully, the South doesn’t get as cold as the North does. However, it can still get pretty cold, so I made sure to purchase a couple new sweaters, jackets and coats to prepare for the upcoming weather. As with a new season, I thought I would share my goals for this winter season. So without further ado, let’s begin♥

Plan a blogging schedule and stick to it

Continue to eat healthier

Try cooking/baking  winter recipes

Join a gym

Try something new a couple of times each month

Read 2-3 books a month

Choose a non-profit to volunteer at

-Change the design of The Fallible Queen

I hope you guys are enjoying your winter season so far.If you like these types of posts I have an autumn post I did here. I’m not a fan of cold weather but I plan to make the most of the winter season, cold weather and all. I do enjoy the crisp air though and how beautiful the sky looks during this weather. It would be nice if it didn’t get dark so early though. What are some of the goals you guys have for the winter season? Are they similar to mine? Let me know in the comments♥

Happy New Year’s Eve Eve!

-Stay Blessed y’all



15 Replies to “My Winter Goals”

  1. It’s summer here but
    Like yours; choose a blogging schedule & stick to it
    work on the go (typing on my phone while getting dressed, & listening to podcasts as I walk & drive)
    Have fun blogging! Yes it is a big responsibility but it should never be a chore, well mostly not, but something do be done with purpose or it’s soul destroying.
    eat healthier & shed some cellulite without being obsessed
    think of others than just myself
    eat 80+% healthy, 20-% indulgent mmm I’m hungry are you? XD
    lose those grudges & regrets of the past
    plan 2017 europe trip & book the plane tickets before the prices spike.
    again remember everyday that life ain’t all about me!

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    1. You are right, it shouldn’t always be a chore. Yes some cellulite would be nice but if it doesn’t happen, I’m totally fine with that too. One of the most important things mentally is to let go of grudges, it’s not worth it stealing your peace. That sounds so exciting be sure to take lots of pictures and safe travels 🙂 These are beautiful goals and they can get done, just remember to keep the faith :).


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