15 Last Minute Holiday Gift Ideas

Hey guys!

Tonight I wanted to share with you some inexpensive ideas for gifts that can be given to your loved ones. Some of them are some easy, inexpensive D.I.Y. Crafts that I have done myself and others are essentials for men and women. Christmas and Hanukkah are quickly approaching so this post is dedicated to the last minute shoppers, including myself. It’s important to remember that gifts from the heart matter the most and not to be caught up in spending unnecessary amounts of money on gifts. So without further ado, let’s get started!

1.) Mason Jars ( These are totally inexpensive and you can find them usually anywhere. They are $1 at Michaels and below I painted these using Americana (Multi-Surface satin paint in Black Tie) and Martha Stewart (Multi-Surface chalkboard paint in Grey). Mason Jars are so versatile, you can store recipes for cookies in them to give as a gift or paint them and stick inspirational messages or scripture in the jars. If you decide to do this, I would suggest rolling up the notes using computer/scrapbook paper and using little ribbons to tie the ends together 🙂


2.) Cologne, Eau de Toilette for Men (These were $7.99 at Marshalls and you can mix and match three colognes for under $25). *I recommend getting the Eau de Parfum over Eau de Toilette for a stronger scent when applying the cologne).


3.) Journals (I love these, I got this one at the 99cent store and they are perfect for jotting down ideas or lists). These honestly can be given to guys or girls, though for guys I’m sure a plain dark colored journal would be a better fit. Marshalls and Target are great places to find journals for men or women.


4.) Candles ( I’ve been loving these and Marshalls had a sale on one of my favorite scents so I decided to purchase one). I recommend a Cashmere scent or fresh clean scent if you are unsure of what candle scent to get for either gender.


5.) Tea ( I prefer tea over Coffee usually and I came across this brand in my Influenster voxbox and I loved the flavor so much I purchased some.). This particular brand is fair trade without harsh ingredients in the tea which I love, I drink this with a table spoon of agave and the taste is lovely. If you aren’t sure what to get them try an assorted tea box.


6.)  Wooden Clothespins ( They look basic but once these are painted they look super cute and can be used to hold up photos) *Side Note* Twinkly lights are a great stocking stuffer or gift to get someone. They are relatively inexpensive and will look great with the clothespins holding up photos).(Clothespins are everywhere but you can get a decent sized pack (20 or more) at the dollar store).


7.) Adult Coloring Books (There’s something about coloring that is so much, they have these everywhere and are a great addition to gifts). *Michaels and Target has these for under $5 I believe*


8.) Prints (I came across this particular company Bottle of Tears on Instagram and I loved the inspirational message of faith behind it. You can send gifts to other people and attach a message to it or send it to yourself. They have prints, jewelry, and bottle gift sets. This Christian small business is unique and I had to order this print (5×7) I came across. Shipping is fast, so I believe you can place an order tonight and you should receive it on Sunday.


9.) E.l.f. Cosmetics-Eyeshadow Brush (Who doesn’t love e.l.f it’s inexpensive and they are doing free shipping and I believe you can do 1-2 day shipping, just in time for the holidays).

10.) Masks are an inexpensive way to take care of your skin. *This was $2.50 at Walmart but they have some at Kroger for $1.99* This is a practical gift for women or men. Why not treat your skin?


11.) Cleansing Wipes (whether for make-up or just for the face, this is a practical gift to receive, they have huge packs at Marshalls and Ross for under $5.00)

12.) Himalayan Pink Salt (apart from the pretty color, this salt is healthier for you as opposed to iodized salt.) (It’s relatively inexpensive and available in health food stores (Sprouts) or retail stores (Ross/Marshalls). *Side Note* These salts are great for a D.I.Y. body butter or scrub as a gift. (Just add melted coconut oil, an essential oil/ olive oil, the ratio of salt to oil is 2:1, then mix for a couple minutes and set in a cool place).


13.) Elf Cosmetics- Lipstick in Vampy Violet (I feel every girl should have at least one dark colored lipstick and e.l.f. delivers with moisturizing lipsticks for an inexpensive price. This was $3.00 and from their E.l.f. Studio Line 

14.) The Body Shop- Moringa Handcream In this cold weather, moisturized skin is a necessity. I noticed the other day Marshalls usually has smaller size lotions in a bin that you can easily stick in your purse. I am a recent fan of The Body Shop and this smelled yummy so I will definitely be using this. These make a great stocking stuffer or addition to a gift, they are $1.99.


15.) Vase (If you haven’t already noticed I like to paint, so I grabbed a couple of these at Michaels, they are less than $2.00 for each, so definitely inexpensive). You can paint the vase the persons favorite color and fill it up with decorative rocks or buy a fake/real flowers to put inside. This makes a great decor piece, add burlap ribbon and tie it into a bow on the neck of the vase for a more festive look.

Alright guys, that wraps up my Holiday Gift suggestions. I hope this holiday gift guide was helpful. Have you guys done any of the D.I.Y.’s crafts I listed above or purchased any of the products I suggested? What are some of y’alls favorite D.I.Y. crafts or purchases for the holiday season? Let me know in the comments♥

Have a Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah or Happy Holidays♥

-Stay Blessed y’all,




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