A Gilded Leaf

Hey guys!

Today I wanted to share with you a jewelry company based in New York called A Gilded Leaf. This company has been established since 1970 and strives to serve designed handmade vintage and modern inspired quality pieces. In order to make this possible all their pieces are made in-house. They sell simple, classic pieces of jewelry that range from engagements, weddings and other special occasions

A Gilded Leaf has a wide range of style in jewelry that ranges from minimalism to bold statement pieces that I appreciate, so  I was happy when I was presented with the chance to do a blog collaboration with the company Co-Founder, Isabelle. She was friendly, helpful and provided me with a couple of ring options to choose from. I received this ring in the mail along with their business card and a letter from Isabelle within a week of discussing collaborating.

Along with the fast delivery, I was pleased with the ring. The simplicity of the design combined with the ring being adjustable, made me all the more excited to wear it. It was a different addition to my jewelry as most of my pieces are big or bold, while this is classy, simple and minimalistic. I paired this ring with my favorite quarter sleeve length plaid shirt and regular wash skinny jeans.



A Gilded Leaf has a Facebook page, Pinterest, Twitter, Tumblr Instagram page, website, Google + and a number to contact them (listed above).  Along with the beautiful color, the stones were a nice addition to the overall ring. The small, delicate placement of the stones brings the ring together. The ring above is a size 6 Six Bubble Crossover Bypass Ring in Sterling Silver/ Yellow Plated found in their Simply Sterling Collection.

Have you guys heard of A Gilded Leaf before? If so,what are your favorite pieces from the company? If not, where do you guys purchase high quality jewelry? Let me know in the comments♥

-Stay Blessed y’all,



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