Hug Your Skin

Hey guys!

Today I wanted  to share with you samples I received from the Hug Your Skin Company called Inlight Organic Skincare Line courtesy of the owner, Lucy. Inlight Organic Skincare Line claims to nourish the skin and nurture the soul. I received the Pamper Me Collection along with a daily face oil and floral face tonic. The Hug Your Skin Company is having a sample sale where one sample is $5 or you can do 4/$15.

Apart from the sample sale, the Company’s website gives you the option to find products by your skin type or by bodily concerns you have, which is unique and very helpful. You can earn points through actions such as referring a friend and the points can be redeemed to receive discounts on your purchase. Now that I’ve given you some background on the Company, I’ll talk about the products I received.

The Pamper Me Collection


I received the Super-food Face Mask (5ml), Chocolate Face Mask (5ml) and The Face Cleanser (5ml). It came with two little spoons to help scoop the product onto my face.  The Face Cleanser smells like vapor rub which I don’t mind and does a good job of make-up removal.  The consistency of the face cleanser is thick and oily. I paired it with the Floral Face Tonic and they worked well together. The Super-food Face Mask isn’t for those with a sensitive nose, it’s a strong unpleasant scent. However, if you get past the smell, the results of the Super-food mask doesn’t disappoint. My skin felt rejuvenated after, all I added after my mask was my Simple daily moisturizer. Lastly, The Chocolate Mask scent isn’t overpowering which I was grateful for and it left my skin with the same results as the Super-food Face Mask. The consistency of the two face masks aren’t as thick as the face cleanser and all three are easily applicable to the skin. 


The Daily Face Oil (5ml) kept my face moisturized and had a pleasant aroma to it. I have oily skin so I made sure to put powder on after the daily face oil settled into my skin. The Floral Face Tonic (5ml) has a strong scent that takes a little getting use to but works well with removing the face cleanser from your face. I love how my face felt afterwards, it felt soft and refreshed.

Along with the samples, an informational booklet over the products they have and what they are used for were included.  There was also a list of ingredients found in many products with information on how the ingredient works and why it is harmful. I like that they included the list because I know what to look out for when buying skincare products.

These also make great gifts for Christmas or for any upcoming celebration. Have you guys heard of the Inlight Organic Skincare Line? If so, what are some of y’alls favorite products? If not, do you have a natural skincare line that you love? Let me know in the comments♥

-Stay Blessed y’all



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