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I hope everyone is having a great Sunday. Today I’ll be collaborating with my fellow blogger Nicole. She is a great writer, so sweet and I enjoyed working with her. Nicole is an avid traveler and yoga aficionado passionate about healthy living and interior design. She is a contributor to several lifestyle blogs and editor at HighStyLife magazine. Be sure to check out some of her published pieces here and here. Let’s get started!

Best Things You Can Do Today for a Healthier Tomorrow
You probably know that healthy habits are half of your long-term well being, but when was the last time you actually acted on healthy living advice? Don’t worry, today’s as good as any day to make a few positive changes and take active steps to detoxify your life of hazardous habits that can chip chunks off a healthy tomorrow. Here are just a few things you can do right now that will nudge your emotional and physical well being onto the right and vigorous track.

Lemon-Streaked Morning Gulps
When life throws you lemons, grab them and squeeze them into a cup. A glass of lemonade in the morning has a similar effect on focus and energy as a cup of coffee, and it also cleanses the liver of toxins and promotes digestion, which is all the more reason to swap your morning java for a few lemony gulps.

Dry Brushing to Brush up Health
Dry brushing promotes blood flow, lymphatic system function, and digestion, and it can also double as an anti-cellulite regimen. For bonus beauty points, rubbing your skin with a dry brush every day will eliminate dead cells from the epidermis and restore a healthy sheen to your skin.

Go Sugar-Free with Your Menu
Processed sugar is one of your health’s biggest enemies, and if regularly consumed to excess, it can result in an addiction. Besides adding inches to your slim figure, sugar-packed foods will also desensitize your brain and make it crave more of the sweet white stuff to keep serotonin levels in check, so ditch the cube today if you want to secure a healthy tomorrow.


Touch up Your Skincare Regimen

Your body’s biggest organ deserves tender, love, and care every day, which is why it’d be a good idea to review your beauty regimen and tweak it with lasting skin health in mind. In addition to regular use of moisturizers and exfoliants, you can enrich your skincare routine with a weekly vitamin c serum skin treatment: it will tone and nourish your skin, helping it preserve a radiant, youthful look.

A Little Love Goes a Long Way

Emotional health is no less important than physical well being, and today is a perfect day to start spreading the love among the people you care about. Give your family a ring just to check up on them, and tell a friend you love them: it may seem like a small thing right now, but it may be the silver lining in someone’s day – and your own, too.


Ditch the Screen, Read a Book

We all spend way too much time staring at smart screens, but it’s never too late to do something about it. Put away your phone and try reading a hardback instead: in between book covers, you may find peace, inspiration, and dozens of precious insights into human nature and the ways of the world.

Stand Up and Stretch it out

The fact that you’re going through another busy day at the office isn’t an excuse to neglect your back health. Sitting for hours in an uncomfortable position is a shortcut to neck and back pains, which is why you should get up every once in a while and do a brief set of office exercises to engage your back and leg muscles and get your blood flowing


Turn to Nature for Inspiration

When stress hits the roof, head out and take a walk in the lap of Mother Nature. Spending more time in fresh air soaking up the sun is one of the best things you can do today to secure a happy and healthy tomorrow, and it will also instantly boost your mood and focus, nudging your work performance to the right and more productive lane.

Tomorrow’s just around the corner, so don’t put off positive lifestyle tweaks until next Monday if you want to welcome each new day healthy, happy, and ready for all the challenges fate may decide to throw your way.

I hope these health tips were helpful! Some of my favorites were turning to nature for inspiration, lemon infused drinks (I like putting lemon in my water, it’s a great way to cleanse the system) and one of my all-time favorite hobbies, reading a book. Have y’all tried any of these health tips? Do y’all have any health tips to share? I’d love to hear them. 

-Stay Blessed y’all






9 Replies to “Nicole’s Health Tips”

  1. Really enjoyed this read! I especially love how Nicole mentioned the emotional health and how it’s important to spread love to family or friends, especially because you don’t know how someone is doing and that can instantly cheer someone up. Also, I love reading, just haven’t had as much time for it. Looking forward to getting into more books soon.

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  2. Nice post! Good advices! Very agree with point to use nature for inspiration. It is the best way to “charge” yourself by positive emotions and get fresh breath for new achievements.


  3. I need to get into reading again myself, I have a couple books that I’ve wanted to read but haven’t yet. Great post thanks for sharing the info.

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