October Favorites 2016

Hey guys!

Today, I wanted to share with you my favorites for the month of October. This is my first time doing this and I look forward to making this a monthly thing. I decided to do a range of products rather than limiting it to just cosmetics. This post will be longer than normal so grab your favorite snack and I’ll jump right in.

1.) This SONOMA Goods for Life Cross-body Saddle bag is perfect for fall. As soon as I spotted it at Kohl’s I know I needed this to be mine. This bag is currently on sale here


2.) My current favorite nail polish: Christmas in Plaid by O.P.I. As you can see it’s a beautiful emerald green and of course I had to buy the E.L.F.Nail Remover Pads to go with it. The best part was I found this nail polish at my local Dollar Tree, saving me money and the nail remover pads were also a $1. They work pretty well, have a nice citrus smell and leave your nails with a bit of shine which I love. 


3.) I love having fragrances in my room especially when the weather gets colder. Glade Plug-Ins are inexpensive and last for a month which is awesome. Towards the end the smell will be faint but that’s to be expected. Cashmere Woods is my favorite Glade Plug In scent so far. 


4.) These black lace-up flats have quickly become one of my go-to shoes to dress up on outfit. DSW has an awesome clearance section and I snagged these for under $13. In addition to these black lace-up flats, I’m loving my black lace choker (below the flats) I ordered from Shein. This inexpensive choker is  a great addition to many outfits for fall.  


5.) These camel colored suede boots are a staple item for fall and winter. They are comfortable, sturdy and dress up any casual look. These were under $40 at my local Ross. If you are looking for reasonable boots of any height I recommend checking out Ross they have great deals. 


6.) I’ve heard about Coastal Scents for awhile and decided to see what the hype was about. The eye shadow pans are unbelievably cheap and the pigmentation is great. As a woman of color I was pleased to find a brand that offers cheap make-up with pigmentation that shows up well on any skin tone. I purchased an interchangeable palette to go with my eye shadow pans so they would all be in one place. The shipping and handling takes about a week which is great. The first purchase you get a significant percent off your order. Lastly, they let you choose a small sampler with each purchase. *I’m not sponsored by Coastal Scents, just a fan of their products*.

Shades in Pan (Top Left-Bottom Right) Chocolate Berry, Earth Rose, Gunpowder and Amaretto.

7.)  Piccadilly Circus Blush- Butter London (I’m not a blush person but this shade is perfect and works well with my skin tone. The pigmentation is just right, perfect for any skin tone). In a previous blog post I mentioned this product and the great deal I got it at here. The Beauty Blender-Miss A (I purchased this at my local Miss A store for a $1 and it works decently. I’ll be doing a shop Miss A haul next week so stay tuned). The “All Eyes On Me” Essence Mascara has become one of my favorite mascaras, it helps lengthen my eye-lashes and volumize them. I love how inexpensive the essence mascaras are, it’s also ideal for sensitive skin. I just don’t recommend sleeping with it on. The E.L.F. eyeliner in Navy blue is a classic staple e.l.f. cosmetic that gets the job done and stays on for hours. It doesn’t take too long to dry and its only $2


8.) Milani Nail polish in Blackberry Baby is a beautiful burgundy wine color and is perfect for fall. I snagged this nail polish at my local dollar store and was pleased with the formula. The Simple Moisturizer keeps my skin moisturized for hours and will last you for months. It is important to note that a  little goes a long way when applying this. This is a sample size of the product so the full-size product will last you significantly longer. The St.Ives Apricot scrub is a product that I love. The scent doesn’t irritate my sensitive skin and my skin feels so smooth afterwards. I purchased this at my local Walmart.


What are some of y’alls favorites for October? Have you tried any of these brands before? What were your thoughts on them? I would love to hear them.

-Stay Blessed y’all

-Bee ❤




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