Goods Giving Back

Happy Friday everyone!

Today, I wanted to share with you these beautiful gems I received courtesy of Dana Lardner, the founder of Goods Giving Back. Dana made these pieces herself and sent these items for me to test out and give my final thoughts on it. I received a pair of earrings, a small plastic bag with two sets of additional earrings and a necklace to match.

I am a huge fan of jewelry and I was pleased to test out these pieces. She was professional and took the time to ask my taste preferences for jewelry. I looked through her website to get a better idea of what I would like and received my jewelry within a couple of weeks. Her handmade items are affordable and go towards non-profit organizations. Who doesn’t love that?

The jewelry was light-weight and simply added a nice touch to my outfit. Since I have sensitive skin, it is important that the material doesn’t irritate my skin. I was pleased to discover that my skin wasn’t irritated by the jewelry. The earrings and necklace are on the smaller side so it takes up little space.  I also liked that since I had long hair, the earrings didn’t get tangled up in it.

I paired the earrings and necklace with a white collared shirt, white sandals and a light blue & white midi-skirt. I However, for a more casual look, a white collared shirt, dark wash denim skinny jeans and white sandals is a great option.

Shirt: Kohl’s| Skirt: Kohl’s| Sandals: Old Navy|   *Lip color: Copenhagen by NYX 

 I highly recommend checking out her website for affordable deals on jewelry among other goods, To find more information about Goods Giving Back check out: Her jewelry is unlike anything I own and I love the uniqueness of these pieces.

 Dana Lardner wants to inspire makers from all walks of life to give back to their communities through their craft. She makes a variety of handmade goods which she sells in her Goods Giving Back marketplace. With every piece sold, a nonprofit is immediately and directly given between 50 – 85% of the product price.

What are some of y’alls favorite non-profit organizations?

*Though I received these products for free, my thoughts are completely my own.

-Stay Blessed, 

Bee ♥


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