Why I Love Autumn

I’ve been waiting for autumn to begin as summer in the South gets pretty hot. Last week, I was glad when it was officially Autumn. I wanted to share some of my goals for Autumn and reasons why I love Autumn. So without further ado, Let’s begin!

Top 10 reasons Why I Love Autumn

  1. Cooler weather (It’s a relief from the hot weather and the change in the atmosphere is lovely)
  2. Fall flavored drinks (I love all things pumpkin and apple)
  3. The changing color of leaves (simply beautiful to look at)
  4. Fall fashion (I love scarves, over-sized sweaters, tights and leather boots)
  5. Thanksgiving (Who doesn’t love family & Food)
  6. Shows (This is usually when my favorite T.V. shows start back up again)
  7. The Beauty of Nature (God’s creation is present everywhere)
  8. A New Season can reveal new opportunities
  9. Fall inspired recipes (Pinterest is my go to place for cooking)
  10. Fall inspired arts & crafts or festivals

Autumn Goals

  • Create a regular schedule for blog posts
  • Do Something new a couple times a month
  • Break out of my comfort zone
  • Spend more time outdoors enjoying God’s creations.
  • Learn more fall recipes
  • Read a couple books a month
  • Step up my photography game
  • Take fall fashion pictures for the blog

“Autumn paints in colors that summer has never seen”-Pinterest

What are some things y’all love about autumn/fall?  What are some of your goals for the new season?

*Lastly, check out my collaboration with fellow blogger, Lena here


25 Replies to “Why I Love Autumn”

  1. I love Fall too, for almost all the same reasons you listed! Right now I am really enjoying fall because we moved from Florida to Texas a year ago, and I like getting to experience the different seasons again. Florida was almost always warm and sunny. Which is awesome, but I missed the crisp change of Fall the most! Love breaking out my boots, sipping warm Starbucks drinks and the changing leaves. I also love the promise of Christmas just around the corner, which is my ALL time favorite holiday! 🙂

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