Elephant Pants

Hey guys! Today I wanted to discuss a non-profit company called The Elephant Pants. I ordered my first pair over a year ago and loved it. If you would like to check out the website click here. Over the years the elephant pants has expanded their line to accessories, turtle pants, water bottles and bags. Every pair of pants is named after an endangered elephant. The pair I purchased is called Raja and I bought it in navy blue.

For every pair of pants purchased a $1 or $2 will serve as a donation to the African Wildlife Foundation. This aids in the help of endangered elephants, that are killed to make ivory. The first pair of elephant pants ordered is 10% off. They recently had their summer clearance sale so I snagged a watch that is normally $20.00 for $4.99. Below I’ll list the pros and cons for each item I purchased.

Raja Elephant Pants $18.00 & $3.58(shipping and handling)


Pros:  Comfortable, Roomy, Durable Material, Beautiful Color

Cons: Pants are one-size fits all which to me isn’t very realistic, they have specific instructions to maintain the pants, If you toss them in the dryer despite the setting they shrink. I’m 5’3 and they are at my ankles, so I can only imagine those who are taller than I.

Pollux Elephant Watch in Navy and Red- $4.99 +5.29 (shipping and handling)


Pros: Beautiful material, looks better in person, unique, actually tells time.

Cons: Not the most durable material

Lastly, in the box above where your elephant pants come in, they add a cute sticker that you can display where you would like. You can become an Elephant Pants Ambassador on their website where you will receive a discount for purchases you make. If you have any other questions, feel free to comment below.

“Comfort that inspires everyday adventure”- The Elephant Pants

I am not affiliated with Elephant Pants, I am simply a fan of their company and purchased these items with my own money.    

-Stay Blessed, Bee ❤


10 Replies to “Elephant Pants”

    1. Yeah! I’m usually on the look out for stuff like that. They’ve actually changed since I ordered them, now they have custom sizes like small medium and large. Unfortunately it’s still hand wash only and they aren’t supposed to soak for awhile.


  1. Great cause, but they can increase quality giving that those products cost are very low and they are only giving 5% of it to the foundation. Good article, I’ve never heard of this company before. Have a good day ❤

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