Kindred Coffee Review

Hey guys! I wanted to share with you a great spot to try in the DFW area. This gem is located in North Richland Hills and serves a variety of dishes. I discovered Kindred Coffee awhile back and decided to check it out this past summer. It’s a great place to meet up with a friend, hang out or simply get some work done. The prices are moderate and they have a menu in case you are unsure what to order. They serve everything from gelato to sandwich wraps. They have a station set for those who want to order and pick up.

When it gets dark they turn on the string of lights and they have plenty of chairs and tables to sit on. Kindred is usually not too crowded in the mid-to late evenings. They usually have live music once a month on a Saturday night, which is pretty cool. In addition, they have complimentary lemon water, which is nice. I have tried a bit of their menu and when coming here I would recommend getting a cinnamon roll, chocolate biscotti, their in-house cafe latte and their ham&cheese sandwich. They have an instagram:KindredCoffeCo where they update it with pictures of the place, food to try on their menu and when local artists perform. I rarely review places so needless to say this coffeeshop is one of my favorite spots in the DFW area to visit.


Have any of y’all been to Kindred, if so, what was your experience there?


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