D.I.Y. Facial

I’ve heard about using natural ingredients in your kitchen for facials but hadn’t really tried it. I came across a video on YouTube where this facial was done and decided to try it out. Let’s get started!

The Honey,Banana and Yogurt Facial needs:

1/4 (ripe banana)

1 spoonful of Plain Greek Yogurt (using flavored yogurt can irritate your skin, especially if you have sensitive skin)

1 teaspoon of honey (raw, unfiltered is best but I used regular honey and it worked well)

Next, you can either blend all the ingredients together or mash it with a spoon. I chose to blend the yogurt and banana rather than mash it to avoid little chunks of banana. After I blend, I add in 2 drops of honey.

banana-honey-yogurt mask

Then, set the timer on your phone to fifteen minutes after you have applied the mask to your face.

Side Note:You might have some of your mask left over, so I recommend trying this with a friend if that is the case. I’ve done this mask two days straight and it leaves my skin feeling soft, moisturized and helps minimizes bumps on the face. The first picture was from (vkool.com) & above picture was from (ladyformula.com) 

Benefits of banana, yogurt and honey: Banana-contains moisture, Vitamin E, Vitamin C and potassium that contribute to glowing skin. Yogurt- reduces fine lines, wrinkles and helps with anti-aging. In addition, yogurt tightens pores and dissolves dead skin. Honey- helps with acne treatment, acne prevention, helps slow down aging and helps create a glow for your skin.

Let me know how this mask works for y’all.

Stay Blessed ❤ Bee



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