July Ipsy unbagging 2016

Hey guys, so this is my first time ordering an Ipsy bag and I wanted to share with you the products I received. I did some research on beauty boxes to find one that would be more affordable for me as well as had good reviews. It was between Ipsy and BirchBox. I ended up choosing Ipsy but, I might switch over to BirchBox to see if that one is better. 

Ipsy is $10 a month or you can do an annual subscription that discounts the overall charge for the boxes annually.They usually send you 5-6 products a month, 1-2 full-size products and the rest are sample size. Cancellation is super easy, all that’s needed is to create an account, go to your account setting and press cancel my subscription. 

1.) The Balm CosmeIMG_7883[1].jpgtics-Mr.Write (Now) in Jac 

The color swatched a nice metallic brown, however it’s not well suited for those with a dark skin tone. This is a full-size sample, so I plan to experiment with it quite a bit. Retail Price: $17.00


2.) Too Faced- Hangover Primer (0.16 fl oz). IMG_7893[1]

I got the sample size of this primer and have seen good reviews on this product, so I can’t wait to try it. I honestly don’t really use face primer so this came right on time. Retail Price (Full-size): $32.00



3.) Revlon Blending Blush- (Full-size)   

I just bought some blush so I plan to experiment with this, IMG_7884[1].jpgthis came right on time. The bristles feel really soft on my skin which I like and I usually like Revlon’s products. Retail Price: $9.99



4.) Not Soap Radio- Hand/Body Lotion (.67 fl oz.) 

This is a good sample size for lotion. The lotion I got is lemon flavored and smells pretty good. The IMG_7892[1].jpglotion goes on lightly and isn’t greasy which I love. This is perfect to put into my purse when I’m on the go.I’m going to guess on the estimate of a full-size of the lotion. Retail Price: $17.00





5.) ModelCo POWERLASH Black Mascara (.12 fl oz.) 

I’ve been running a little low on mascara so this sample size came right on time. The bristles are curved to get those pesky lashes on the end and soft which I like. When I swatched this mascara on my hand, not a lot came out but, I’ve seen good reviews on the mascara so I can’t wait to test it out.  Retail Price: $22.00IMG_7886[1].jpg

The Verdict:  The products in the bag didn’t wow me, but I will be testing out all of the products. My favorites were the lotion, mascara and face primer. I’m going to continue my subscription with IPSY to see if the selections in my bag get better. In a week or so I’ll be unboxing my ESSENCE BOX so look for that. In addition, I’ll subscribe to BirchBox to see if I like their products better.  I would give this bag a 3/5 due to the fact that I’m more of a nail polish and eye shadow person, however I do like that I can use all the products in this bag.


4 thoughts on “July Ipsy unbagging 2016

  1. I was a subscriber for both Ipsy and Birchbox for 2 plus years. I actually did a review on my youtube channel talking about the pros and cons of each. You definitely get more for your money with Ipsy(the samples are bigger) than in Birchbox. Although I felt that Birchbox had more brand name and recognizable brands. At the end I was very happy and content with both but had to cancel due to me moving overseas and apparently they don’t ship to Italy, but I do miss getting my samples every month!

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