What’s the deal?

    I came across an article that discussed Alicia Keys vow to no longer wear make-up. I thought back to the times when I depended on make-up to make me feel beautiful. Make-up was my crutch for most of my high-school years, I just had to have my make-up on before leaving the house. It was the usual eye-shadow, mascara, eyeliner, lip gloss with foundation. I can look back now and think how silly it was for me to believe make-up would make me feel beautiful.

       For a majority of high school I felt insecure due to comments made by others and due to my skin tone. It took me awhile to be completely comfortable in my skin, I often wished I was lighter during those times. In high school, there was a movement going around called Redefining Beautiful. Every Tuesday was no make-up Tuesday to show that our natural beauty is just as if not more beautiful than having make-up on. I participated in it a couple times, but I still felt that not wearing make-up was foreign to me.

       When I entered college that’s when I felt comfortable in my skin, I didn’t feel so insecure or feel the pressure to apply make-up. I loved my skin, I was surrounded by others who understood what it was like to be a black girl. Throughout my college years, I learned so much about self-love, self-growth and acceptance. I can proudly say I love myself wholly. Everyone at some point has had something that they would like to change about themselves, whether their body, face or hair type. Self-love, self-growth and acceptance takes time and no matter what stage you are in  your journey, I want you to know that it is achievable.IMG_6390[1] 

          I fully understand why Alicia Keys made the vow to no longer wear make-up. It is her personal choice and with society’s expectations on what is acceptable, it is a beautiful thing to break away from that and say I won’t let society define beauty. I enjoy experimenting with make-up when attending events but for the most part I enjoy going out with my face being bare. Now when I wear make-up it doesn’t stem from a place on insecurity or need stemming from societal expectations.

        I wear make-up because I want to, because I like experimenting with make-up. To the right, I have a picture of myself without any make-up on and with my natural hair.I want to share this post, to remind people of color that we are beautiful and society does not define that, we do. We are all God’s creation and he made us all beautiful.

*Picture Courtesy of Google Images

-Stay Blessed, Bee ❤


One Reply to “What’s the deal?”

  1. I saw Alicia Keys performance on The Voice and you could tell she wasn’t wearing any makeup, but she looked BEAUTIFUL! Her skin is flawless! I agree with you about being comfortable & confident in your own skin, I don’t think I was until I hit age 40! Now I don’t care if I go out with or without makeup, but I agree that it’s so much fun to play with makeup 😊!

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