My natural hair journey

Two and a half years ago I made the decision to stop adding harmful chemicals to my hair. Bye bye Salon, hello au naturale! I chopped off the relaxed portions of my hair and never looked back. As many of you all know dealing with natural hair is not easy, there’s a lot of time and dedication that is spent on your hair. There were times when I would get so frustrated because my hair wouldn’t do what I wanted it to do. In all honesty, there were times when I wanted to shave it all off and put on a wig but, I kept working at it.

            Sometimes you simply don’t have the time to dedicate hours to your hair, especially while in college. I watched so many YouTube videos to get ideas on protective styles for my natural hair, it took me awhile to discover what worked best for me. Ever since I made that decision my hair is more healthy and thick than it’s ever been. It also helped that I had some friends that were going through the same struggles with natural hair. I’m going to share the top five hair products that worked best for me and the four tips I use to help my hair grow.

1.) African Pride Shea Butter Bouncy Curls Pudding (my hair felt so soft after)

2.) Coconut Oil (I love Blue Magic but the little bottle from Walmart or Sally’s works great too)

3.) Shea Moisturize coconut and hibiscus curl enhancing smoothieshea-moisture.jpg

4.) Shea Moisturize raw Shea retention shampoo

5.) Vitamin E Oil helps keep my hair soft, oily and helps my hair follicles to grow (I use Megacare)

4 tips for hair care

1.) Oil (coconut oil, vitamin E oil, Jojoba Oil) always make sure your hair is hydrated before leaving the house, oil combined with sunlight helps a lot to make your hair grow!

2.) Water (It sounds so simple but water really helps to keep your hair hydrated and soft as well.

3.) Protective styles! (They are a life-saver when you don’t have time and your hair grows so much while in them) (My personal favorites are crochet and braids because I can keep them in for awhile)

4.) Stretching out your hair (we’ve all experienced shrinkage when we wash our hair, it’s important that we stretch out our hair for hair retention).

-Stay Blessed Bee ❤


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