So Long Lubbock

     For the past four years I have learned so much at Tech and I am truly grateful for that. I remember my first year at Tech just finding my way and thinking I knew what I was going to do for the rest of my life. Life has a way of not going as planned and I have learned to adapt to that change. I learned more in these past four years than I ever did in high school.

          My senior year of college, I learned so much about myself and came across some teachers who inspired me to keep pursuing what I love. I believe there is a reason God placed them in my life as well as the life-long friends I have made throughout this journey. Entering into college, I heard that college was the best years of your life and I was hopeful. At the end of this chapter, I can say college is part of the best years of your life, but there are better things to come.

          When I arrived at Lubbock, I didn’t think this small town would have too much to offer me. However, this place has grown on me and I look forward to visiting in the future. For a small town there are places that everyone should go to at least once, especially while at Tech.

1.) Carol of the Lights ( During the first week of December on campus, everyone gathers around to sing carols, watch the lights and they sell hot chocolate).

2.) Football games (I am not much of a football game, but I love the atmosphere, the band and spirit everyone has during the games)

3.) Festivals (on campus or around Lubbock) some of them are free and several tents are open which are full of homemade goodies and handcrafted trinkets

4.) First Friday Art Trails (who doesn’t love free-appetizers,food trucks, a photo booth, a printing station and exploring art in various buildings? (sometimes they have themes for their event and will pass out stuff like tutus)

5.) Museums (I’ve been to the science spectrum and the Tech museum the exhibits are unique, and usually free.

6.) Food (some of my personal favorites are Raider burrito(which serves authentic Hispanic food) Jazz’s Louisiana Kitchen (their shrimp czarina is delicious) & East Moon Asian Bistro (their drunken noodles and egg drop soup are yummy)

7.) Locally owned coffee shops (you’ll thank me during finals week, they come in handy and usually taste better than Starbucks) Sugar brown and Yellow house are some of my favorites.

8.) Campus Events (Poetry nights, movie nights, arts&crafts) Most of these events are free with Tech I.D. and are ways to relax or take a break from the busyness of life.

         In addition, throughout my journey I have learned powerful truths that have helped keep me centered.

1.) When you lean solely on God, you will in the end be the victor.

2.) Hold firm to what you believe to be true and do not let anyone change that truth.

3.) Be kind, everyone is struggling with something internally

4.) Be humble or life will do that for you.

5.) In the words of my high school teacher”Keep your studies above all, sacrifice time to have some fun, but don’t sacrifice your grades for having too much fun.”

6.) Find friends that help you grow spiritually, emotionally, physically and intellectually.

7.) Always have faith in yourself, no matter how bleak your world may appear.

8.) Most importantly, love yourself as well as others, it truly makes a difference.

*Picture Courtesy of Google Images

-Stay Blessed y’all, Bee ❤


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