During the spring semester, I wanted to plan a day where I could celebrate me. I knew that I had to do my research on finding free lance photographers to take my senior pictures. I set a budget for myself and spent a couple weeks e-mailing and asking around. I had a  vision for my pictures and wanted to capture the things I love on camera.

When I discovered a friend of mine did photography, I  looked through her past photo shoots she had done and couldn’t get enough of them. As you all know in college, money can be tight, so I had to work with what I had and wanted to spend as little as possible. So I made the journey to Ross, where I came across this intricately designed maxi-dress that reminded me of african attire for under $10! Such a bargain! The flower crown pictured above, I made courtesy of Pinterest, the materials used were from one of my favorite stores, Michaels. Every girl needs a black formal dress and Ross was the perfect store to find one for under $15.00. The props I used represented my love of my country Ghana and my love for beauty such as nature. I was also blessed to find two individuals who dedicated their time to make sure my makeup slayed.

When I arrived to take my photos, I was a bit awkward and unsure how to pose but, Motola helped me to feel right at home and to break out of my introverted shell a bit. I started to feel at home and the end result for the pictures were simply stunning. The month of April was one that was memorable. It’s moments like this that I will remember for a long time. So needless to say I recommend Motola P. Photography if you are in the Dallas or Lubbock area. Every once in awhile break out of your comfort zone and you’ll be surprised how much fun you can have

-Stay Blessed, Bee ❤


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