There seems to be a new hashtag daily in the African American community. In this era, panic and fear continue to ring throughout the nation. We deserve better. The increase in violence and prejudice adds to the instability America faces.We deserve better.

            Recently, a young activist named Bree Newsome scaled a pole in South Carolina to remove the infamous confederate flag. In a couple days this young woman was labeled a pole dancer due to her heroic efforts to remove a flag symbolizing slavery. Her bold move to remove the flag along with her loudly proclaiming The Lord’s Prayer is an inspiration. She never wavered in the presence of the police officers and had faith throughout the whole ordeal.The same people that labeled Bree a pole dancer are the same ones that fail to understand why the confederate flag shouldn’t be a part of American history.

             Violence is inevitable but ignorance can be helped. I can’t count the number of times I have had to explain to white Americans why these stories matter.After awhile, it gets to the point where you simply nod and smile. The media tries to bring confusion, when it could all be so simple. Black Lives Matter. Yes, All lives matter but, Black Lives Matter too. This world is falling apart and all we can do is pray. Left and right people are killed or are dying so everyday I wake up, I know that I am blessed. We are blessed.

-Stay Blessed y’all, Bee ❤


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